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About Us

Founded in 2021, Xposure Real Estate Group set out to be the staple for Real Estate referrals by offering a one-of-a-kind VIP service. Something that most other firms are unable to match. With our vast coverage of the Florida area, buying a home with one of our qualified agents is a breeze.

What Sets Us Apart

Xposure has a structured list of VIP benefits that our clients can take advantage of. Including travel and hotel accommodation as well as car rentals and white glove service. Our benefits are based on the clients’ total qualified loan amount. This also can be extended to cash buying but will need to be accompanied by a letter from the bank.

Our VIP Service

$1-2 Million

Regular Flight
Allegiant + Southwest

3 Star Hotel
Best Western

$2-3.5 Million

First Class Flight

5 Star Hotel

Car Rental

$3.5+ Million

First Class Flight

5 Star Hotel

Car Rental + Limo Service

Leading The Industry

Xposure Real Estate has made the partnership with over 750+ mortgage brokers and home inspectors around the united states to assure that our clients get the best buying experience a homeowner can get. With our vast reach of the mortgage market, our clients can rest assured they will get the best rates and the most qualified loan amounts to fit their budget.

Why Work With Us

We hand-pick real estate agents to represent our firm, and these agents will be held to the highest standards. For agents to take advantage of our VIP services, we do charge a percentage of the house sale. This is taken three days after the closing date. However, we offer compensation for agents in our firm to refer internally and both agents will be compensated for their teamwork.

From Start To Finish

Once a client calls (605) FLORIDA they are met with a few questions that include: Where, When, How much, and some basic contact information. Once this is gathered, they are transferred directly to one of our hand-picked agents in the area they are most interested in. Once this happens it is business as usual for a real estate sale. When it comes to going down to visit the choice homes, we gather all the necessary information to schedule their flights and hotels on a date that is picked by the client. Once they land we will have the agent at the airport with their rental car and they will be dropped off at their hotel. That is when house hunting begins. Xposure Real Estate covers up to three (3) days and two (2) nights for our clients to experience Florida and see all it has to offer while touring some of the best homes in the area. On the third day, we will take the clients to the airport and so will end their trip.

We only cover one trip per client, and in some cases, for car/hotel rentals we will supply a card if the hotel/car rental requires the client to make the arrangements.

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